Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal

Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal (2008)

Starring: Tatum O’Neil, Jenna Dewan

Sometimes events happen in real life that are so insane, they inspire Lifetime Movies. The Texas Cheerleader Scandal is just such a series of events. The Fab 5 are a group of 5 teenage girls on the Jackson HS Cheerleading squad.  They are a roving pack of beserkers thanks to a system of parents and school administrators turning a very blind eye to the various crimes they’ve committed. Fun Fact, they are in Texas but don’t have accents.

The girls are unstoppable. They skip school, drink and drive at school, drink at home, beat other girls up, and cheat on tests with total impunity. When Coach Emma Carr and others demand justice, nothing is done. These girls are like the mob, but without all the bribery. Adults forge records and generally just allow it to happen. The worst offender is the principal, whose daughter is the ringleader of these feral teens. For a principal and a mother to be that weak… It’s unthinkable. The A.P. is even in on the act and covers for the girls as well. When there are no rules, everything goes.

There is a lot to enjoy here. The girls are complete maniacs, and inspire hatred I have not felt since I watched the Joker in The Dark Knight. They boss the teachers around and pretty much own the place. They beat up girls that cross them and the victims cover for them cause they know the consequences.

The best is when they seduce some guys in front of the 7-11 to get beer. Then they go into the porno store across the street IN THEIR CHEERLEADING UNIFORMS and take video of it on their Blackberry phones. The video gets uploaded to You Tube and they are all like “So what?”. Awesome.  This story made national news when the real scandal broke loose.

I want to also state how gorgeous Jenna Dewan is. She’s does a good job of portraying a young, hot teacher who is outraged at her students. Feeling helpless she pushes the squad forward to compete.

I recommend reading the actual stories about this incident after watching the movie. The tale of these girls is an amazing story of how apathetic parents and authority figures can be. No one wanted to stop these girls from rampaging until the coach went to the media after her “resignation”. You can still google the pics of their partying.

It’s good to finally a movie with some juice to it.


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